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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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jockeys. >> german says people tend to procrastinate without structure. sounds attractive, though. curtis says, who wouldn't want to work on the beach with a glass of wine in hand. this sounds like the greatest company in the world to work for. where do we apply? >> thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it's monday, september 28th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama comes face to face with vladimir putin today. could the meeting today be more awkward than the last time around? >> no. >> we're live at the u.n. with what to expect today. >> couple of guys who need neckties. >> the media refuses to let ben carson's muslim comments go away. >> it's there for everybody. >> i'm reading the transcript, dr. carson. that's exactly what you sailed. >> read the paragraph before that.
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gotcha. is it time for the media to move on? we're going to report, you're going to decide what happened to ben carson yesterday. >> that was the civil interview. what about the one prior to that. >> pope francis leaving a lasting impression on americans. did this teen steal the show during his visit perhaps? ♪ >> wow. the performance everyone is talking about. guess what? that14-year-old phenom here live this hour to talk about a song he had five minutes to prepare for. we prepare more than five minutes for this show. "fox and friends" starts right now. > ♪ >> there's a bad moon on the rise ♪ >> today you're going to hear a lot of moon music. these are amazing pictures of
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last night's super blood moon. look at that. spectacular. you're not going to see it again until 2033. a lot of people have taken photographs. if you were out and about and in some spots you might still be able to see it. e-mail them to us at "fox and friends".com. tweet us or facebook us. >> the supermoon. >> i was worried i might not be able to see the prompter. isn't it true that they said you could go blind. >> that's the sun. >> that's the eclipse. i could have looked up. >> you missed out. >> please send your pictures so brian can see the supermoon. >> you never know. i'm telling you. my daughter did take pictures of it. i have to wait for her to get up for 15 minutes. >> aren't you worried she won't be able to see? >> she'll be okay. >> we were just talking about how we missed the pope. last week's coverage was great. last week at the u.n. the pope, today, putin. >> world leaders descending on new york city for the annual
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opening of the general assembly. >> this as president obama and russian president vladimir putin will come face to face this morning for a one-on-one. >> this won't be any generic conversation. a lot is on the line including moves by the russian leader. we have more now. >> eric, the sanctions have not stopped vladimir putin. >> reporter: that's right, brian. good morning. that historic meeting will be occurring this afternoon. presidents obama and putin meeting face to to face for the first time in two years. the number one priority on the agenda for the u.s. is the russian aggressiveness in the ukraine. putin, however, hopes to get western support for a besieged syrian president bashar al assad in its fight against isis. putin has been pouring in personnel and military material into syria to try and bolster the regime. meanwhile, there's new concerns
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about iranian influence. hasan rouhani speaking today at the u.n. also on the controversial nuclear deal and whether or not iran could potentially release any of the three americans. the opposition is blasting his appearance here because iran is on the sponsor list of the leading sponsor of terrorists in the world. they say rouhani doesn't belong on the world stage. >> this president do not in any way represent the iranian people. he's a criminal and a butcher. he represents torture, execution and separation. >> reporter: they promise a massive demonstration against rouhani when he speaks here later today. first up at 10:00 a.m., the president of the united states and that meeting that we expect this afternoon with president putin. back to you guys in the studio. >> we'll talk about that. eric shawn, who would have thought that vladimir putin would be here after ten years of not showing up.
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now he's going to show up and make a speech and he's riding high. he's still in the ukraine, still rattling the cages of the baltic nations and now he decides to put down stakes in syria in about three weeks and now he announces this huge deal with iraq, iran and syria, a nexus of intelligence and asking husband to participate in a coalition that should have been working for the last two years. >> got 250,000 dead, more than 4 million fleed from syria with this unrest and violence. the tanks and troops that putin is flexing his muscles about might come up. is he playing nice ahead of this big meeting with president obama? >> yes he was in a white cape. >> he was asked if president obama is showing weakness. watch what he says. >> do you think his activities in foreign affairs reflect a weakness? >> translator: i don't think so at all. you see, here's the thing. in any country and in the united
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states i believe this happens even more often than in any other country, foreign political factors are used for domestic political battles. there's a presidential campaign coming up, so they're playing the russian card or some other. >> what you see there on 60 minutes last night, obviously a -- keep in mind, the russians asked for the meeting with the president of the united states. we're at loggerheads here. putin regards our president as weak. putin is a bully. the world is furious over crew crain. he's going to say that isis is scaring everybody. i've got a plan. his country supports the president of syria and we wanted him out. it's a stalemate. what's going to happen? stay tuned. those two do not like each other, but somehow i bet by the end of the day there are going to be smiles. >> you know who has a solution is donald trump. speaking of russia.
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>> he does. >> and syria and the intermix there. he says his solution is to isis, get rid of syria and russia should get rid of isis. >> why are we letting isis go and fight assad and then we pick up the remnants? why are we doing this? we're fighting isis and assad has to be saying to himself, they are the nicest or dumbest people i've ever met. >> let me get this right. we lay off isis for now and syria? let them destroy assad and we go in behind that. >> that's what i say. russia wants to get rid of isis, so do we. let russia do it. let them get rid of isis, what do we care? >> he supports the legitimate government of syria there. he said he admired the american's creativity. >> part of the charm offensive. he wants to soften us up, has a plan unlike us. how is our plan working? the intel community, we've heard
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is doctoring the information given to the white house. when have we given $40 million, $50 million to train the opposition. >> we want to -- >> how many have guns? >> 4. we gave guns to 60 or 90. then they took the guns and went to isis. >> steve, whenever president obama decided to leave, which is iraq, allowing the red line to exist and pass in syria, the russians have moved in and they're happy to do it. they look like the heroes. it was the french that bombed isis over the weekend. the guy in charge just resigned. general allen saying i have no power, i'm not even doing anything. i yit. ben carson has been getting hammered by the mainstream media ever since a week ago on "meet the press," chuck todd asked him a hypothetical question about if a muslim was running for president.
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hypothetical, because there are none running for president of the united states. anyway, he was asked yesterday by martha raddatz on abc about his comments previous. this is one of the things about mainstream media, sometimes to make their point, they just leave stuff out. ben carson would not allow that. here's what happened. >> and you said no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. do you stand by that now? >>? well, first of all, what i said is on a transcript and it's there for anybody to see. >> i'm reading the transcript, dr. carson. that's exactly what he said. >> read the paragraph before that where i said anybody, doesn't matter what their religious background, if they accept american values and principles and are willing to subjugate their religious
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believes to our constitution, i have no problem with them. why do you guys leave that part out of it. >> i don't think we do. i would not advocate that we put a pus limb muslim in charge of this nation. do you assume that all muslims embrace sharia law? >> what we should be talking about is islam and the tenets of islam and where do they come from. they come from sharia. they come from the koran. they come from the life works and examples of mohammed. they come from the fat wa. >> he talks like an islamic scholar. i will say this. he has defended himself so well, he's in a virtual tie with donald trump according to the nbc "wall street journal" poll. marco rubio surging as well. >> ben carson has 20%, donald
3:11 am
trump 21% from republican primary voters. it's working with the people well. this hypothetical question has been going on for weeks. when will the mainstream media let it go? what do you think? never? >> e-mail us or facebook us. meanwhile, it's 6:11 in new york city. we're still in a little bit of the pope glow. >> that's right. see some of that coverage last night as he left the united states. that was really something else. pope francis is now back in europe this morning after that historic three-city visit to the united states. the pontiff holding a final mega mass outdoors. to 860,000 people. they packed philadelphia's benjamin franklin park way. the airport sendoff included a visit from vice president joe biden, also a performance from a high school marching band. he's back home this morning. new overnight, another international student died following the duck boat crash in
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washington state. four other north of seattle college students died after a duck boat suddenly lost control and swerved into a tour bus. this comes as the ntsb now reveals that the duck boat didn't have an axle repair that was recommended two years ago. my son went to heaven today. those are the words from country star eddie montgomery as he made that heartbreaking announcement. his son hunter died from an accident that took place in kentucky. the family is not giving information. the father from the band montgomery gentry broke that news on facebook. in part saying i appreciate all your prayers and love and giving us the privacy as we grieve. he was engaged with a newborn son. our prayers go out to that family this morning. a scary moment on the campaign trail for carly fiorina. a curtain comes crashing down at one of her events. take a look at this.
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ouch. right? screams coming from the crowd in texas as the entire curtain rod and all came down. it nearly missed fiorina. luckily no one was injured and the event just pressed on. those are your headlines. unbelievable. i'll see you back here real soon. >> so lucky that nobody got conqued in the head. 15 minutes after the hour. here's what's on tap. the fight to replace john boehner as speaker is on. one man announced he wants the job. florida congressman daniel webster says he's in to win it. he will join us next. plus, a teen steals the show from pope francis from his incredible voice. that 14-year-old is going to join us live coming up.
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(store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. you know, the bible says beware of false prophets. there are people spreading noise about how much can give them. we have members of the house and senate here in town who whip people in a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen. >> house speaker john boehner igniting a battle between the
3:18 am
tea party and establishment republicans some say because -- but will this help or hurt the republican party as they search for their next speaker? mr. boehner made it clear, he's calling it quits on friday. he announced that he would like to be the next speaker. danny webster joins us from orlando. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. great to be on. >> great to have you. >> what do you think of outgoing speaker boehner talking about false prophets, people in your party, in washington promptsing things they know they can't deliver. >> what i'm promising, i can deliver. i've done it as florida speaker of the house. it's not based on personalities or groups or coalitions. it's based on the fact that we make every member successful. we've got an opportunity to do that. it's based on principle not on hour. >> what's the principle? >> well, the principle is that every member needs to represent their district and so if there's
3:19 am
a pyramid of power that dished to you everything you get a chance to vote on until you can offer amendments today but tomorrow you can't and not take up all of the bills, that's a power-based system. if you push down the pyramid of power, spread out the base so every member can have an opportunity to be successful. it's still their job to go out and get the 218 votes to pass their amendment or pass their bill. at least they get a chance. that is a different process. that's a principle-based process. >> okay. what about kevin mccarthy. they say he's he's the odds on favorite to replace speaker boehner. would that be a step in the rye direction? >> well personalities. i believe that what i want to see is a principle-based member-driven congress. we don't have that now. i'd like to have us have it. it is so free and american people are demanding they want to see congress work together and we can do it. this is not a conservative idea
3:20 am
or a moderate idea or liberal idea. it's not a republican or democrat idea. it's a different way to operate the house of representatives that works. >> congressman, there are so many people looking at the presidential campaign and going we don't need the hollywood -- hollywood. republican party elites. we need an outsider. do you get that feeling in washington as well? >> i think, yes, they're clamoring for something. that's what i'm offering. there's a way where we can as republicans can show ourselves as leaders. we can show ourselves as leaders by opening up the process and allowing lots of debate and lots of amendments and lots of opportunities for the members themselves to participate and what happens if you do that, a lot of the unintended consequences go away. when you only have a few people sort of dishing up the bills and you take a look at them, you get a few days to read them and that's it, that's the wrong way to do it to me. >> that's why you would like to be the next speaker of the
3:21 am
house. daniel webster of florida, thanks for joining us. >> great to be on. coming up, a sign that reads god bless our military, greets our heroes. atheists want it taken down. the fight for faith coming up. look up in the sky. it's a bird, it's a plane. no it's a bale of pot. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta! at fthe world thinks about pet food,y one wagging tail at a time. with fresh meat and fresh veggies.
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headlines from space. nasa announcing a scientific information about mars. many scientists predict it's about evidence about water on the red planet. others say it's something else. did you catch a glimpse of the rare supermoon lunar eclipse. it was seen across the world giving off a red light.
3:25 am
here it is in the united arab emirates. i did not take that. it's the size in los angeles. it's huge. if you missed it, you have to wait until 2033. i'll be waiting for you. elisabetelisabeth? >> we'll stand by for that, brian. atests demanding the removal of this sign in hawaii t reads god bless the military. it was erected after 9/11 as a source of hope for soldiers and their families. should it be allowed to stay? joining us is army chaplain and creator of the documentary, no greater love. justin chap i roberts. thanks for being with us today. when you hear this is happening in hawaii, this sign was erected initially post 9/11 to bring comfort to those families that lost a loved one. a real statement our country. what's the danger in asking the group to take this down? >> i don't understand it necessarily. as an army chaplain, we're part
3:26 am
of the government. we're representing faith, we're representing hope. we're providing care. signs like this, i mean, this is just -- of course, it happened right after 9/11. so it's been up for over a decade. i don't see how this is a major issue. >> do you think that on the heels of a most magnificent peaceful visit with the pope that we're going to see less calls for -- fewer calls for people to remove faith and really erase god from our nation? >> i hope so. it seems like this should not be the critical issue that we're focusing on. this is a small sign in a small place. we should actually be hoping for things like this. and being able to come together on things like this instead of being divisive about faith issues. >> sure. one thing you want people to come together and do watch your documentary. your unit, no slack, lost 18
3:27 am
soldiers killed in action in afghanistan in 2010. and all told, total of 200 purple hearts were given to those in your group and unit there. >> yes. >> no greater love, tell us what it's about. >> this is about my time as an army chaplain and the lessons that i learned from the soldiers. this is acts much valor, acts of courage. the thing that i found out from doing this documentary is behind every single one of those actions was a selfless love. that's the golden thread but to be able to come home, you also need that kind of love. >> you start with those in the unit and then you follow-up three years later to see how they fully come home. >> yes, ma'am. >> going to show you a clip here from "no greater love". >> for three years i was assigned as cap chaplain to the second 327th infantry battalion. also known as no slack.
3:28 am
since i returned from the deployment, i struggled with a numbing depression and wondered what kind of father and husband i'd be if i couldn't shake this. >> i wanted to understand what was happening. >> post-traumatic stress is a real issue. 22 veterans a day commit suicide. what's your goal in this documentary. what do you want people to feel and come out of it doing? >> the first thing that we need to do is create a national dialog on this. this is not something we're discussing enough. if we don't, these 22 a day are going to continue. it comes down to not just the government, but the communities getting involved. if we can't get communities aware and involved and empathetic on this issue, then we don't have a shot. >> proceeds from the documentary are going to do just that. we thank you for your time chappie. we thank you for your service and all those in your unit. donald trump, hours from unveiling his tax plan and it
3:29 am
includes this. >> a zero rate. that's something i haven't told anybody. >> you're talking about -- >> people in the low-income brackets. >> a tax doughnut. just wait until you hear why. meet the boy also whose voice is so heavenly, it upstaged the pope. that boy, he's with us live next.
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the voice of an angel. it's the performance everybody is talking about. that 14-year-old boy wowing the crowd and pope francis in philadelphia this weekend. he's here now with his first national interview. >> bobby hill of keystone state boy choir and his director and founder of the boy choir. guys, thanks so much. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> can we just say, wow. what was that like, bobby? >> thank you so much. i was a little nervous but i was more excited. >> after you finished, did you think, i just stood there -- >> yeah. just a little. >> you seemed so calm and relaxed. just sounding like an angel there. tell us what happened just
3:34 am
before you started. there was a last-minute change of show, right? >> yes. >> what happened? >> well, there happened to be a set change that they needed a spot filled. >> okay. >> so my choir director recommended me. >> steve, what happened? >> so the pennsylvania choir and the keystone boys state choir were invited to bring 60 young people to sing in the final number. we have over 600 singers, but we can only pick 606789 earlier in the rehearsal period, he got a chance to audition for bocelli. he broke out in the solo he often does for us. he was in great voice. two hours later, they said we need 60 seconds filled. i got a choir of one. they looked at me and said -- i said trust me, it's going to be a wonderful moment. i didn't tell bobby right away. i didn't want it to get cut and disappoint him or make him nervous. five minutes to go, i said bobby, you're doing this and by the way, there's no
3:35 am
accompaniment. >> bobby said cool. >> you knew the song, though, right? >> i did. i performed it with the choir several times. >> we were watching live at our house. it was fantastic. if you missed it at home, here's a little more of bobby. ♪ ♪ >> oh, man. okay. after you did that, what happened? >> i don't know what i was thinking. but i just turned around and walked back to the pope. our choir went to antarctica in 2009. we brought back a rock that we
3:36 am
were waiting to give to someone special. >> he qualifies. >> we thought it would be the president because in 2009 president obama and we thought, first choir ever to go down to antarctica, we're going to bring him a rock. we got to sing for the pope first so the pope got the rock. >> when you gave him the rock, what did you say? >> he asked if it was for him and said thank you in broken english. >> then he did something else, right? >> he handed me a rosary and that red box there. >> blessed by the pope. >> we were hoping to get him the rock backstage. this world meeting of families, he had six families, one from each continent auto speak to him at the concert. but the seventh continent was missing. it seemed perfect to give him that rock as the seventh continent. >> brilliant. >> who were you singing for in antarctica? >> who did we sing for? >> i'm not sure. >> bobby didn't go. penguins and the big joke is,
3:37 am
they were so excited to hear a choir they all -- >> slipped. >> they all wore tuxedos. >> what's next? who are you going to sing for next? snoo what are you going to do? >> not sure. really excited about what happens next. >> what did bocelli say? >> he was like bravo, bravo. >> i would say this little box has been passed around because the gold printing is a little important out after one day, right? >> that's fantastic. >> voice of an angel you have. what spirit moved you. what a privilege to have you here with us. >> thank you. >> you're going to be great in all you do. >> bobby, you must have a heck of a coach here. >> yep. >> i'll take it. >> steve, thank you very much. >> thanks for having us. >> bobby. >> great job. >> how would you like to sing our theme song. weone. at least it would be in english. we know that.
3:38 am
>> it would sound pretty good coming from you. all right. >> we can come up with one on the fly. braff is mow. good morning. got a couple of headlines. a fox news alert. critics have been demanding specifics from presidential candidate donald trump and now we're about to get them. he is hours away from releasing his tax plan where some people will pay nothing? >> a zero rate. that's something i haven't told anybody. >> you're talking about? >> people in the low-income brackets. >> trump went on to say that many people don't pay taxes anyway so it wouldn't be a huge change. there would be breaks for middle class and corporations. tax hikes for others. but he promises wall street will pay its fair share. the former prison worker who helped two murderers escape will learn her fate hours from now. joyce mitchell faces up to seven years behind bars for facing the two break out of the clinton correctional facility upstate. she pleaded guilty to hiding
3:39 am
hack saws and frozen hamburger meat. after a manhunt, police shot matt dead and captured sweat near the canadian border. family and friends are reeling from the shocking death of a new jersey high school football star. 17-year-old evan murray took a hard hit at friday's football game, warren hills is the school. he eventually collapsed on the sidelines. but then he got up and gave the crowd a thumbs up. later he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. autopsy results are due in the coming days with the funeral set for thursday morning. there's a go fund me page that's raised more than $40,000 for that family so far. an arizona family waking up to what sounded like thunder in the middle of the night. it was actually $10,000 worth of marijuana falling from the sky. if crashed through the family's carport and landed on their doghouse. it crushed it. police say the drug smugglers from mexico likely dropped a
3:40 am
26-pound bundle from an airplane by accident. the family's dog was not in the house at the time. they live just a few hundred yards from the mexican border. they think that the guys were going to drop it somewhere in the area. landed at their house by mistake. >> a catapult? >> actually, that would be a pot-a put. >> from supermoon to super maria. what's in store today? >> good morning. well, we've got a lot of unsettled weather across the eastern u.s. we've been dealing with a lot of cloud cover out there and to many dismay, they had that lunar eclipse blocked by a lot of that cloud cover. you can see on the radar image, active picture, especially along the gulf coast. we have to watch out for the potential of development over mexico for the next knew days. otherwise, showers and storms possible over the next few days. even including parts of the northeast. temperaturewise, already mild this morning. temperatures will be summer-like
3:41 am
across parts of the plains yet again. 80s and 90s in the forecast. let's head inside to brian. now. maria, let's do a little sports. if they thought things would slow down for tom brady, boy were they wrong. >> that's going to be a touchdown. >> the team played like the super bowl champs they are. they destroyed the jaguars 51-17. brady became the fourth player ever to throw for 400 career touchdowns. meanwhile, the panthers off to the best start in years. cam newton doing well. two touchdowns, one rushing. another of course throwing. carolina taking down the saints. in st. louis, the steelers winning a hard fought battle with the rams but lost ben roethlisberger after he took a blow to his left knee. the mcl sprain will leave him sidelined for six weeks. you're bold, michael vick. you'll have another chance to start on a very good team. that's sports. meanwhile, these pictures are disgusting.
3:42 am
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♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. got some quick medical headlines on this monday morning. a breakthrough genetic test could mean some breast cancer patients may be able to skip chemotherapy altogether. which women could be treated with hormone blockers only. adding chemo in those cases could cause harmful side effects. a daily dose of aspirin could double the life expectancy
3:46 am
of some cancer patients. a new study of 14,000 people with gastrointestinal cancers shows those who took aspirin regularly were twice as likely to be alive in a four-year period. and that's some news, elisabeth and brian. >> thanks, steve. >> the v.a. medical center supposed to be taking care of our heroes is accused of mishandling medications and cleanliness issues so bad that patient safety was at risk. >> the employee who exposed it all has gone as far as to take pictures to document the problems. he's out of work and barred from the premises. he was fired. here to explain is pharmacist andrew carmichael. andrew, you were fired for what reason did they say? >> they said that i was fired for conduct unbefitting of a government employee under probationary status. >> you said they fabricated that. >> they did. >> how did you get on probation?
3:47 am
>> well, all government employees typically have a probationary status when they join the v.a. sometimes a year, sometimes two years. >> andrew, what issues did you specifically flag and document in photos? one was the iv room, correct? >> correct. i had four concerns. the first one was the iv room as you were saying and the condition it was in. essentially what was going on was not only was it not being cleaned correctly, but the people that were working in it weren't making i.d.'s appropriately. it wasn't even constructed right. one of the biggest things is we had multiple outbreaks of things like fungus and bacteria within it. >> there it goes. that backs up your contention that there is a risk there. failure to restock the medications also showed the pictures. mishandling of controlled substances that you talk about. you're a doctor. a dangerous workload for people that work there.
3:48 am
you bring this up, you know about the scandal in the v.a. that's being rocked achbd needs to be reconstructed and and you find yourself fired. >> you want your job back, though, why? >> i have a lot of veterans in my fie f family and my wife's family. it's important to me. i always wanted to take care of veterans for this reason. i can't think of serving a better population than the people that serve us as a nation. >> where have you reached out to? has anybody in congress, washington or anywhere else taking up your cause? >> i did actually talk to senator cane and he asked for my reinstatement, but the director of the facility flatly denied him. >> how terrible for doing what was best for the veterans. you're exposing this so they can get better care and you lose your job. we'll stay on top of this. we did reach out to hunter homes mcguire v.a. and did not hear back.
3:49 am
dr. andrew carmichael, we thank you for your time and ex poush sure. >> now it's time to hear back from them. the pictures don't lie. meanwhile today, president obama comes face to face with vladimir but i putin. trying to figure out you who you want to vote for? kurt the cyber guy is here with some of the best to offer you. >> presidential power plays. obama meets face to face with putin. can progress with the russian president actually be made. investor john bolton will be here on "the real story" at 2:00.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
are you looking for a way to pick who you want for president? well, there's an app for that. i'm not kidding. actually there are a couple apps for that. here with the best apps for the campaign season is kurt the cyber guy. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. it's really cool, actually, a lot of buzz going around about these. first one, you know, we know it because it's built here in the building, the fox news election headquarters or hq app for 2016 really does do a good job of informing you with video, news and all sorts of stuff. here is a little image of it right there, you see it right there on the screen. >> wait a minute, brett baier is on it? >> anybody who talks on it related to the political season you'll find in one easy spot. >> it's a great glossary. i look at it all the time. >> another one getting buzz, inside 2016, another app that
3:54 am
does very similar things. it sort of funnels in all of the media attention on politicians and also tells you are they jumping away from what their own agenda is. and it keeps track of that. the one that's really getting the buzz is the new one that's sort of like gamifying called voter, it's voter app, and if you look there, you can see a percentage of the screen, this is just like one of those dating apps in tinder, where you swipe this way for yes, swipe that way for no. >> i'm not on any dating apps i'm telling you. >> no one is questioning any of this. do you want to keep same-sex marriage legal? i'll say yes. if you want to abolish the death penalty i'll say no, i like that. legalize marijuana, no. these aren't my personal opinions. you end up saying who are my candidates based on how i'm
3:55 am
feeling? it will retrieving and analyzing, the al gore rit system processing and give me the likelihood of some candidates. >> gilmore. >> doesn't mean someone declared they are running for president but my next choice would be jeb bush, rick santorum, donald trump, lindsey graham and matches you based on your own agendas. you. you the in what you believe, it matches you to the candidate and what this really does is while that was kind of cute and fun, it educates you on what people's agendas really are. >> sure. >> and where they stand on the issues and what their values are and how they might match up with their own. we did this real life researching it and some crazy, crazy ideas came up and i was pegged as a libertarian, so i don't know if i believe the outcome of this, but we know that it's not biased. we know that, because how they're making money with this? they sell the data eventually
3:56 am
and that's what they'll do with this. >> they track and say that guy has in i.d., he's perfect for your product. >> that's exactly whatdo. i signed up using my facebook credentials so they have a modest idea of my age, roughly where i live, who my friends are, and so they have that data, they see how i compare, and now what would you do if you're donald trump, to get that access to someone who might be, i could be teetering this close to you. >> donald trump is just three down the list from jim gilmore. >> they might pay for that data. >> or rick santorum or jeb bush. what is that called again in? this is called voter, it's voter app. we'll put them all at the website. >> kurt the cyber guy, thank you very much. coming up on this monday, main stream media continues to hammer ben carson about things he said about muslims being president in a hypothetical situation last week. the mainstream media is getting stuff wrong.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you, today is monday september 28th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama set to meet vladimir putin again today as texts continue to rise. we are live at the united nations with what you can expect. and many of the mainstream media still waging war against dr. ben carson for refusing to support a would-be fictitious muslim president. >> and you said "no, i do not." >> what i said is on a transcript that it's there for anybody to see. >> i'm reading the transcript, dr. carson that's exactly what you said. >> why do you guys always leave that part out i wonder? >> is it time to move on?
4:01 am
we report, you decide. >> martha, martha, martha. it's a story kept a secret since 2008, what turned the president sour on hillary clinton and how it could come back to haunt her in next year's campaign? the president's former right-hand man here to share what he saw behind closed doors. live from new york, this is "fox & friends," folks! ♪ there's nothing i can do, i only wanna be with you ♪ i love looking down right down 42nd, usually it's the fox word we see. oftentimes you can walk down and might see one of our promos which is cool. >> who might see that a bunch of world lead ears today, descending on new york city for the annual opening of the u.n. general assembly. >> welcome to town. please stay away from
4:02 am
rockefeller center because your traffic stinks. president obama and russian president vladimir putin set to meet face to face, putin asked for the meeting, this was just one day after putin plays nice in a rare interview with "60 minutes." >> eric schen has more. >> reporter: good morning. you're right, vladimir putin and president obama sitting down on the sidelines of the u.n. later on this afternoon. remember that awkward meeting they had a couple of years ago? they have not metaphor two years, but they will be getting together today amid increasing world tensions. the white house says the number one topic on this agenda will be continued russian aggressiveness in ukraine. putin has other ideas. he wants to talk about bolstering syrian president bashar al assad in the fight against isis, and in the interview with "60 minutes" and charlie rose, putin said the government of assad is the only legitimate government in syria, that the rebels' support by the
4:03 am
west of the rebels is illegal and he wants the west to back assad in the fight against islamic terrorists there. quarter million people so far have been killed that, prompted charlie rose to ask putin if president obama's policies have shown weakness. >> translator: yogs at all. here's the thick in any country and in the united states i believe this happens even more often than in any other country, foreign political factors are used for domestic political back. there's a presidential campaign coming up, so they're playing either the russian card or some other. >> reporter: talking about playing a card there's some difficulties yesterday between moscow and washington after secretary of state john kerry met with foreign minister sergey lavrov rof. he demands the u.s. embargo of cuba end any of the sanctions
4:04 am
against russia because of the invasion of ukraine. that likely not to happen but it will likely come up at the meeting between president putin and obama later today. expect spokespeople afterwards to call the meeting frank. when you hear the word frank, that's diplomatic speak meaning both of them said what they think but they did not agree. brian, i bet you ten bucks they use the word frank, fruitful, conductive, constructive, dialogue, those type of buzzwords. >> but frank, that's the key. this week it's frank. last week at the u.n. it was francis. >> reporter: very good you're right, steve. >> good one. >> i'm not going to take that bet because i like to win and you would win that bet if i put out my ten bucks so i appreciate it. >> reporter: all right. >> let's talk about another man in the middle of a firestorm, ben carson. if you ask him, he doesn't back off to what he said to chuck todd a week ago. even though march that raddatz
4:05 am
and jake tapper tried to blister him over his statements "i would not be comfortable, i would not advocate the election --" >> he would not support a muslim running for office. >> he would not advocate for a muslim because if they embrace sharia law, but he went on to say he'd have to make sure that that candidate would be adhere to the constitution, not to his religion. >> that's right, and he actually went head-to-head with martha raddatz when he decided to show part and quote him partially instead of including all of his thoughts. he took it to her. >> and you said -- that if we put a muslim in charge of this nation, i absolutely would not agree with that. do you stand by that now? >> well first of all, you know, what i said is on a transcript that it's there for anybody to see. >> i'm reading the transcript
4:06 am
dr. carson, thats' exactly what you said. >> read the paragraph before that where i said anybody, it doesn't matter what their religious background, if they accept american values and principles and are willing to subjugate their religious beliefs to our constitution, i have no problem with them. why do you guys always leave that part out, i wonder? >> i don't think we do, dr. carson. >> it does look a little selective though. we asked you what you thought, brenda on facebook said the media is doing what they do, trying to sensationalize the statement for ratings. i love his honesty and his character. >> chip on facebook adding this, of course, if he were bashing christianity the mainstream media would say nothing. >> kim e-mails and says this, i believe the media will not let go of his muslim statements because they have nothing else on him. i don't know much about him but what i do know is because of his past statements he absolutely has you know vote.
4:07 am
they ended the cnn interview early as people you could hear in the background, ben carson did. people walked in. >> his numbers he's up to 20% support from republican primary voters neck and neck with donald trump who today at 11:00 a.m. at a press conference is going to release his new tax plan and one group he says will pay absolutely nothing, zero. don't believe me? listen to him. >> we'll say this, there will be a large segment of our country that will have a zero rate, a zero rate. and that's something i haven't told anybody. >> the tax cut for the middle class is going to be what? >> it will be significant. >> yes with you what? >> i can't tell you. >> why can't you tell me? >> because i just don't want to now. >> arm wrestling there. >> today from 11:00 from trump tower he did talk a little more with scott pelley last night on "60 minutes" said his tax plan will grow the economy. they'll take in the same amount of money as we're currently taking in or maybe more.
4:08 am
major tax reduction for almost all scitizens and companies, cus t to the middle class. he says some wealthy, hedge fund guys barely pay anything, he said some people who are getting unfair deductions will have their taxes raised and that is all coming your way 11:00 this morning from trump tower. i got a feeling you're going to hear it in all the channels, live. >> his argument those that are not in that lower tax bracket anyway aren't paying taxes anyway. he's just saying this is a reality in his mind and he also said he doesn't want to have certain people on wall street getting away with "paying no tax." so bull's eye on wall street there. >> everyone is saying donald trump you need a second act. his second act is beginning. >> details. >> second act is the tax plan and he'll talk about what to do in the middle east shortly after that. see how it goes over. he has substance to talk about rather than people talk about why did you say this about this person and that about that
4:09 am
person. >> it started with immigration, what he would do and people say we need meat on the bones and he had a very detailed and it was well-received by some plan on immigration, today phase two, on taxes. >> that's right, big day today. heather joins us now the headlines. i miss the pope. >> i loved having him here. nice coverage we had as well. good morning to you all. hope you have a great weekend, and are off to a good monday morning. pope francis is back at the vatican this morning following the historic three-day visit to the united states, excuse me, three-city visit to the united states. the pope holding a final mega mass outdoors. did you see this one yesterday? 860,000 people packed philadelphia's benjamin franklin parkway and check out this baby pope, oh, boy, viral video showing an amused pope francis after meeting little queen madden, oh my goodness, during yesterday's final parade, the
4:10 am
pope telling her parents they have a great sense of humor. how sweet is that? the trial for the guide who led that african hunting trip from cecil the lion was killed begins later today in zim back way. theo bronkhost is charged with failure to stop the hunt. it sparked so much international outrage and forced palmer into hiding nor months. the united states has not responded to zimbabwe's request to have him extradited. eddie montgomery making a heartbreaking announcement this weekend "my son went to heaven today." his 19-year-old son hunter died after some sort of accident in kentucky. the family is not giving details about what happened at this point. his father from the band montgomery gen tree broke the news on facebook, saying in part "i appreciate all your prayers and love and thank you for giving us the privacy as we grieve." hunter was engaged to be married
4:11 am
and has a newborn son. playing the lottery is about to get easier in the state of new york. you no longer need a paper ticket to win the jackpot. there's a new iphone app called jackpocket, debuts today, allows players to buy their tickets without ever leaving the couch, that's the best part and get this -- your first ticket in the app is free, so make that one count. $300 million power ball drawing is set for wednesday night. those are your headlines. you no longer have to go to the mini mart. love it. >> jackpocket, can you imagine the first person who gets the free app and then downloads it for free wins nice. >> heather, thank you. straight ahead, john boehner stunned the political world on friday stepping down from his job as speaker of the house. this morning some asking should mitch mcconnell be the next one to quit? find out why, next. >> wow. plus what happens when hillary clinton is forced to
4:12 am
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4:15 am
bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians who participated in the opdivo clinical trial. john boehner stunned the political world on friday stepping down from his job as speaker of the house. this morning some are asking is mitch mcconnell next?
4:16 am
erick erickson is a fox news contributor and editor-in-chief of and joins us today from georgia. what did you think of john boehner saying so long, i'm sick of this job essentially? >> it was a surprise, i don't think people expected it. he took votes last week and this motion to vacate the chair coming up and to save himself a loss decided to resign. >> he calls out he says in 2013 it was the fool's folly to try to stop obama care but did it anyway, beware of false prophets. what do you take about that hit on his way out? >> he also said he was doing this to save others. i think he has a jesus complex. he's not jesus. lot of republicans are reacting, ted cruz and others and a lot of this has to do with not liking ted cruz for the 2013 shutdown but it exposed republican leaders in washington who campaigned on stopping obama care that they were really just making empty promises, that's
4:17 am
fired up the republican base. >> a bunk of people talking about this, of course, jeb bush saying he will be missed, he has great admiration for him and ben carson saying it might be time to move on. then you have chairman of louisiana writing on facebook that mitch mcconnell needs to resign. what are your thoughts there? >> he's the longest serving state party chairman of any of the 50 state parties, works with reince priebus, pretty significant he's doing it. it's telling you have a number of presidential candidates from ted cruz, donald trump, ben carson and carly fiorina name checking suggesting it's time for new leadership. >> meanwhile let a's go to the clinton administration and bill clinton defending his wife yesterday, you've got hillary on one of the chat shows as well on the e-mail, erick, 30 seconds
4:18 am
and we'll get your comment. >> there was a transition period. i wasn't that focused on my e-mail account. there are some things about this that i just can't control. i can't control the technical aspects of it. i'm not by any means a technical expert. i relied on people who were. >> the other party doesn't want to run against her and if they do, they'd like her as mangled up as possible. it always happens. we're seeing history repeat itself, and i actually am amazed that she's board up under it as she has. >> she's a victim of the technical stuff and a victim of the republicans. >> the clintons are always the victims. i don't know they know how to campaign without trying to be victims but that might have worked in the 1990s, but i don't know it's going to work today. the playbook is somewhat changed. she wasn't focused on her e-mail? she certainly seemed focus objected her yoga schedule and benghazi e-mails in other e-mail
4:19 am
server. how could she miss it? it was in her bathroom. >> if it turns up i is it not look at them, i had my lawyers and i.t. people. if something turns out i didn't really see it. she already has her out plus i'm not good at the technical stuff. she already has her head fake on. >> she does and bill clinton has been in the witness protection program for the last six months or so. >> out now. >> it's a clear sign her way of running the campaign isn't working. she wanted to do it her way and try to have bill clinton to save her. >>, erick erickson thank you so much. >> thank you all. 7:20. are you tried to paying baggage fees when you fly? you don't have to anymore. we're about to show you how. and a story kept secret until 2008. what turned the president sour on hillary clinton and how it could come back to haunt her in this election. the president's former right-hand man reggie love here with us live. ♪ why can't rebe friends, why
4:20 am
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at 23 minutes past the hour of the top it's time for your news by the numbers. 13.7%, the number of immigrants living in the united states. it's expected to keep growing, breaking a 125-year record in the next ten years. and zero, that's how much you'll pay for your bags to fly if you turn your luggage into a rolling advertisement. the company o'ryan will cover the fees and even give you the bags for free. finally this. >> are you sure he's a vampire? >> technically you have until 5 to get your vampire bag. >> trick-or-treat, halloween coming early "hotel transylvaina
4:24 am
ii" opening this weekend. he did everything from coaching the president's daughters to lending him a tie, he was the right-hand man to the president, now rentalie love a former personal assistant to president obama has written a book and it's excellent, titled "power forward: my presidential education" that chronicles that irtime together from the senate to the white house. he joins us right now. reggie, great job on your book. >> thank you, appreciate that. >> i love that, sports background, football. >> i don't know about star. >> star work ethic, how is that? >> thank you, appreciate that. >> unknown senator who becomes the president of the united states, an incredible story but i like to bring you to how you burst back in the news again. because everybody's trying to get a handle on hillary clinton the candidate and going back what happened in 2008, again, huge lead, you guys are in single digits for the longest time and all of a sudden things begin to change. could you talk about going
4:25 am
against someone who was thought to be the de facto nominee? >> i think you see it often in sports and in politics, where you know, everyone sort of has a favorite and they think this person or this gal or this guy is definitely going to win. i think as i write in the book i think when the president or senator obama at the time, senator clinton had this exchange i think it was one of the few moments in which, you know, i think it indicated to then senator obama and the rest of the team that there were maybe some chinks in the armor, and this was definitely still an opportunity for senator obama to win. >> and he would, and here's a portion of the quote that we'd like to read from your book. "the candidate obama respectfully told her the apology was kind" and the apology was about something different but largely meaningless, and here's the story, given the e-mails it was rumored for camp had been sending out labeling him as a muslim before he could finish his sentence she exploded on
4:26 am
obama to all of us this watching this spat unfold it was an obvious turning point in the campaign. the will ek trick tension running through both candidates and the reflective staffs reflected the understanding she was no longer the defaing toe candidate." so there was a belief that her campaign let out these rumors that president obama was a muslim. >> i think there were a couple of rumors back and forth about his, you know, whether or not he was a muslim and comments about what he wrote in his book "dreams of my father" about marijuana use and someone mentioned he was like a drug dealer in new hampshire from summer camp. >> that was a shaheen thing, but the other one about him being a muslim, that really, see that's where it really blew up it seems. >> i think you know, look i think there are a lot of things that get said and sometimes people don't want to take necessarily the proper, they don't want to take all the accountability for everything in the market, and especially when
4:27 am
you have a crowded race which they did at the time there were points of about then senator obama that weren't necessarily as accurate as they could have been. >> but that really bothered him. >> yes. think about it, he's got wife at home, kids at home, friends and family and you run for the hi highest state in the land, you talk about things you want to do for the country, not necessarily having people saying all of these things that aren't factual. >> people are talking about all of these old stories again, it was hillary clinton the original birther. >> look, i -- you know, i don't know exactly who was the originator of it, but i know there were people who were out there pushing it that weren't just republicans. >> right. reggie, i have to talk about your story is incredible, you're 23 years old, you get the opportunity to go to washington, your mom says stop waiting for your football call to come.
4:28 am
you go to washington and senator obama, the future president, you do a terrible job on the interview, right? >> yes, well look, i definitely did not come off as very impressive. it was my first time to the united states capitol, i was a little everywhoverwhelmed. he asked me do you think you want to run sometime? i said i don't know if someone thinks i should. what kind of uninspiring answer is that? no, i want to be part of the process. i've been lucky enough to have had impact and be a part of the political process and i continue to sort of keep it in as much as i can, and haven't been able to learn a tremendous amount about, you know, leadership and bipartisanship and you know, just a whole host of things from senator obama and president obama, and just have been lucky to have been a part of it. >> right. >> my mom's motivation definitely paid off. >> yes. you had a great father and mother who pushed you along the
4:29 am
way, was not easy growing up but look where you are today and now mentoring other kids. we'll talk more on radio but i'd love to have you back and great suit. that's how it all started, you dress great. reggie, thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> two minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up, donald trump and ben carson neck and neck in the new poll. will the downward trend continue for the donald? the washington nationals take choking to a whole new level, they're fighting each other now. what sparked this dugout brawl between teammates. what's happening in the nation's capital when you lose to the mets? everyone fights each other. ♪ we are family
4:30 am
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
you. john did, this is his picture from the jersey shore, looking good there, moon. >> with the water there. meanwhile a lovely shot from kristen who took this in arizona national park. >> wow. >> here's one from brian in new york. i think it's in the control room right now. wow. brian was busy. i told my daughter she was taking pictures last night, here it is, this from kirsten, she wanted to give a sense hidden planetari planetarium. >> i love the shot, looking for it. >> right, she said i'll be 33 the next time we have a chance to see this and i don't want to miss it. she's 14 now. >> it's a supermoon, a good reason to go outside and look up. donald trump is getting ready to unleash the details of his tax plan as the latest poll shows how close the race for president really is these days. >> both trump and ben carson jockeying for the top spot.
4:34 am
kristen fisher is live in washington with the 2016 roundup for you. good morning. >> good morning. many of the gop candidates have already unveiled their tax plans and today it's donald trump's turn. he said it will be very specific. he'll lay it out later this morning. he gave a preview last night on "60 minutes" where he said his plan will include zero taxes, yes, zero for a large segment of low income americans and big tax cuts for the middle class. >> a substantial reduction for the middle income people because our middle class is being absolutely des mayed. it will be a corporate also reduction. i think it will be a great incentive for corporations. >> trump is still on top but his lead is slipping. new nbc/"wall street journal" poll had him in a statistical tie with dr. ben carson. the two are one percentage point apa apart. marco rubio and carly fiorina tied for third. jeb bush yesterday was on "fox news sunday" where he said the polls don't matter all that much and he's in this race for the
4:35 am
long haul. >> look, it is a marathon and we just started advertising. i'm confident we get good response, we got a great ground game in these early states. i'm confident i can win new hampshire for sure. i'm going to work really hard at it. >> today the candidates are all over the place. rubio is in florida, fiorina is in oklahoma and donald trump will be in new york where el' announce his tax plan from trump tower at 11:00 a.m. >> thank you, kristen. i keep waiting for the rahis to get boring. it gets more exciting by the day. >> absolutely, that's the way you want it. >> it does. headlines are going to excite you now heather. >> good morning, everyone. 35 minutes after the hour. what happens when clinton clinton is forced to watch her biggest political flip-flops? take a look. >> marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman. >> this morning, love triumphed in the highest court in our
4:36 am
land. we're either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the gulf or dependent on dirty oil from canada. i oppose it. >> wow. that little tidbit of a montage aired yesterday during nbc's "meet the press" during an interview with the democratic presidential candidate. after that red-faced display, clinton was asked to respond. her explanation? people evolve. what do you think about it? the former prison seamstress, remember her, helped the two murderers escape from upstate new york will learn her fate just hours from now. joyce mitchell faces up to seven years behind bars for helping richard matt and david sweat break out of the clinton correctional facility. she pleaded guilty to hiding hack saws and frozen hamburger meat used to help the guys cut their way out of the jail cell. after nearly three-week manhunt, police shot matt dead and captured sweat near the canadian border. it started with world series aspirations, but the season
4:37 am
ended with a new low for the washington nationals, when closer jonathan papelbon attacked bryce harper in the dugout, after harper got in the eighth inning against the filis. papelbon argued with the mvp candidate and then lunged at harper's throat. their teammates had to pull them apart. the two brushed it off after the game calling it a brotherly fight. the phillies won 12-5. >> he apologized. >> he apologized, okay, papelbon did. how do you get one year supply of beer without paying even a penny for it? ask actor matthew mcconaughey's older brother michael, who also goes by the name of rooster. he could crack colds ones for the next 365 days free of charge. he's a millionaire. he loves the beer so much he named his son miller lyte, so the beer giant awarded him with 24 free cases. those are your headlines.
4:38 am
i was reading something his daughter's named margherita. i don't know, go figure. >> that's unbelievable. >> st. paulie girl was already taken? >> i love their family. see you soon. >> thank you very much. out to the streets of new york city, 22 before the top of the hour. maria what kind of a day ahead? >> reporter: depends on where you live. we are looking at unet isled weather across parts of the eastern u.s. the radar it's coming down early this morning across parts of the florida panhandle. we have a lot of tropical moisture across the gulf of mexico streaming northward helping to enhance a lot of shower and thunderstorm activity. quite a wet commute across parts of the i-10 corridor along the gulf coast. temperature wise you are very mild right now across the plains and also into the southeast, temperatures widespread in the 60s and 70s but as we head farther west and north, look at seattle and in 34i sue la, temperatures quite chilly, ranging from the 30s into the low 50s, a quick look at your high temperatures today, feeling summer-like across parts of the
4:39 am
plains. now send it inside to brian. >> thanks a lot, maria. big day in the nfl yesterday, six teams come out of week three undefeated. who has the potential to go all the way, and what wiere the big games yesterday? winners and losers, here now outstanding columnist and author, he works for "the daily news" too. he has a brand new book out you're looking at it "brady versus manning" gary myers welcome back to the show. what happened yesterday you picked out three games, patriots crushed the jaguars, pretty impressive. >> right, and i think the way tom brady and bill belichick are approaching the season they're ticked off at the nfl about deflategate and running up the score on a weekly basis. if you're aa patriot fan you have to be concerned teams taking it out on brady. you don't want him hurt. >> the falcons beat the beleague you ared dallas cowboys who drop
4:40 am
to 2-1. >> right, atlanta is the first team to trail in the fourth quarter of their first three games and win all games. too team was now 3-0 with dan quinn new coach. >> now let's talk about what happened to colin kaepernick? the cardinals crushing the 49ers yesterday. >> they're clearly a different team with carson palmer back after the acl surgery last year. they have an excellent defense. colin kaepernick is regressing since they made it to the super bowl three years ago. he's going of aa tough season. >> you want to recognize special moments in sports. you write this book, "brady verse manning." my first thought how come this isn't done already, and number two, do you think they are the two best ever?
4:41 am
>> brady is the best quarterback in nfl history, six super bowls, four victories, ties with terry bradsh bradshaw, joe montana. >> now you have mpeyton manning but we don't know the relationship between them. >> the most surprising thing that came out of researching the book. you see quarterbacks before a game shaking hands, chatting on the field and shake hands after the game. that's where it ends. with peyton and tom there's a genuine friendship, they text all the time and play golf in the offseason. >> you chronicle how they get together in their group, so different. one is the first round pick expected to be a star, the other sixth round pick had his heartbroken when the san francisco 49ers passed up on him. >> peyton was pretty much born into football royalty with his father mpbie and eli his brother winning a couple of super bowls. tom brady the epitome of the
4:42 am
underdog made it big, as a freshman in high school hayes team was 0-8, he didn't get on the field for one snap. >> gary, great job. i want to show everyone my favorite picture, tom brady the little kid watching joe montana in the stands with the san francisco 49ers, that was his dream to play in the nfl. little did he know he'd probably eclipse joe montana as the best quarterback ever. congratulations, great to see you. more football and not good news, high school football player drops dead moments after he's hit on the field. the facts all parents need to know before their kid plays. should we be shaming americans into getting off welfare, publishing their names on the internet? we'll debate it next. >> presidential power plays,
4:43 am
obama meets face to face with putin at the u.n. will there be fireworks over syria, iran and ukraine or could progress with the russian president be made? we'll "the heal story" at 2:00. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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4:46 am
a curious push by the mayor of lewiston, maine, who wants to publish the names of everybody in that town who collects welfare. right now there are 500 families on that list, and he thinks it might help get some of them back on track. >> this is something born out of frustration, for three and a half years i've been putting all kinds of welfare laws, i've been submitting them, and they're going, you know, the legislature is just tanking. this is what i'm going to do as long as i'm mayor to try to get some welfare reform out there. >> here for a fair and balanced debate, rebeak ka valles for the center for american progress and
4:47 am
steven motley from the center for less government. good morning. >> good morning. >> you say shame is a powerful motivator. what do you mean? >> we know it is, the leftist wants to shame taxpayers for not paying enough taxes and wanting to know what government money is being used to do. bob dole and his terrible ' 6 presidential campaign said we've lost shame as a motivating factor in our society. we have in the way he meant it. what we need to do is know -- government does a terrible job of tracking how they spend our money. if we publish the welfare recipients we'll track it. we know there's widespread welfare abuse. government doesn't seem to care to do anything about reining it in. if the american taxpayers are paying the freight know who is getting welfare they can keep a better eye on who is abusing the system and perhaps we can do some serious welfare reform. >> okay, rebecca, the key to
4:48 am
what he just said were the people abusing the system. there are some people we all know abuse the system, they go on it for years. but there are others who run into a tough spot and they might have to go on public assistance for a while, what's the matter with putting the list out there of the people who are winding up with money out of the taxpayers' pocket? >> thanks, steve. the real shame here is that our minimum wage in this country is a poverty wage, and the fact is, it's not enough anymore to lift a family of three out of poverty. we've got families across the united states who are working families who have to turn to public assistance like food stamps in order to keep food on the table. and so if we're serious about shrinking spending on public assistance, then what we really should be doing is raising the minimum wage, raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour would save $53 billion in food stamps over the next ten years.
4:49 am
that's the way to get people off public assistance. >> seton, it sounds like she would like to see a list of the employers who are paying less than $15 an hour. >> well she's different than the list of people on welfare. >> once again let's shame the people who are creating jobs rather than shaming the people who are sitting on welfare. of course she's got half the table right on raising the minimum wage. of course, the number of people on assistance will explode because of all the jobs that will be killed by a resulting, as a result of the raising of the minimum wage. the problem is, a family of three is not supposed to be living on a minimum wage. if you are making minimum wage you shouldn't be having children and being on, and trying to raise a family on it. >> rebecca, i'll give you the final word. >> the fact is we've got research finding that the cost of low wages in this country is $152 billion per year, that's
4:50 am
taxpayers' subsidizing low wages in the form of government assistance that people have to turn to. that's the real problem here, let's raise the minimum wage. >> we've had seven years of the obama economy, i guess that ultimately is the reason people aren't making that much. rebecca and seton, thank you very much for joining us live today from our nation's capital. >> thanks, steve. >> thank you. >> what do you think about that e-mail us, a football player dies after being on the field, he seemed okay, even gave a thumbs up. what rent wrong? the facts all parents need to hear coming up next. on this date in history in 1985 "money for nothing" by dire straits was number one. ♪ we got some movies, color tvs ♪ you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
a high school football player drops dead, moments after he was hit on the field during friday night's game. 17-year-old evan murray from new jersey seemed perfectly healthy, even giving his teammates a thumbs up before getting into an ambulance there. what went wrong? could this happen to someone else? dr. clifford stark director of sports medicine at plainview hospital, joins me as my guest. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> this is a tragic story, one of evan's teammates who was a national honor society member, three-sport athlete and his teammates called him their brother. he describes the hit on evan that was a helmet to the mid section prior to his last hit. could that hit, the second to last hit in your mind have caused some disruption to the heart? >> absolutely. if it was especially, there are
4:55 am
a couple of things that could have happened. first of all, if it was into the abdomen, certainly there could have been trauma to the abdominal organs namely the liver and the spleen which are highly vascular organs and especially if there was a pre-disposed condition such as someone has let's say mononu mononucelosis and enlarged spleen. bleeding disorder can cause things to bleed more and of course if it was to the heart, there is an entity called comotiocortis which is highly, highly rare, usually happens in hockey or baseball where at a specific moment if there's impact to the heart and a highly, highly specific, that's why it's so rare. >> if parents today are hearing this and it's so sad and tragic, a go fund me page for evan's family, raised up to $35,000. we want to let everybody know if they want to help. parents out there today of their
4:56 am
own athletes, are there warning signs? how can we prevent this? dizziness, fatigue? >> when an athlete is being screened they should be honest about any sort of first of all family history of sudden death and personal history being dizzy or fainting. unfortunately, a lot of times sudden death happens without any warning signs at all, unfortunately. but fortunately it is rare. >> we'll put those up on our website as well. if you want to check out the go fund me page for evan murray's family, the quarterback there missed by many today. dr., thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we have a jam-packed hour coming up on "fox & friends," not to miss, brett baier, white house secretary josh earnest and former texas governor rick perry all joining us live. get ready. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning to you. today is monday, september 28th, i'm elisabeth hassle back. fox news alert for you, you're looking live at the united nations where in just hours president obama and vladimir putin will meet face to face. what will the president say? white house press secretary josh earnest is live with us this hour. >> then a terrifying moment for carly fiorina out on the campaign trail. watch this. down went the curtain in the wrong way. what went wrong and how the republican candidate is doing this morning. curtain call. and pope francis leaving a lasting impression on millions of americans, but it was this teen who stole the show during his visit. ♪ and he only had minutes to
5:01 am
prepare that song and without a band. some call it acapella. we hear from that 14-year-old this hour because mornings according to the pew research study, are better with "friends." ♪ ladies and gentlemen, this is a fox news alert. you thought the traffic was bad last week here in new york city because of the pope visit, the papal visit. well this morning it's the u.n. general assembly world leaders from 193 nations are convening here. you're taking a look live at thethe escalator. how important that? >> it is very important. the most important thing to happen today is the one on one meeting between president obama and the president of russia, fr vladimir putin. putin has taken over many areas in the middle east that we had some influence and were
5:02 am
operating in. they decided to move in. >> that's right. >> i cannot wait to find out how the meeting goes and hopefully we come out on top for once. >> vladimir putin first time in ten years coming here. he was on "60 minutes" and was asked if president obama is weak, and -- >> let's talk to brett baier, from our nation's capitol. >> good morning. >> i'm sure you saw vladimir putin saying obama is not weak on foreign policy and brushed it off in terms of a political game. >> yes, i did, and i think he's playing nice there. i think obviously vladimir putin in his current position holds a lot of chips. he is as brian mentioned filling the vacuum of the u.s. in the middle east. i mean remember, russia now has military bases on the ground in syria. they are working on the ground in iraq, alongside the iranians. they're working with the iranians, with the syrian
5:03 am
regime, bashar al assad and you know, the obama administration said that this meeting primarily would focus on ukraine and russia's involvement there. the russians are saying this meeting will primarily focus on syria, something tells me the russians probably are right. >> i think it should be on syria. it concerns us more with the ukraine we've done nothing to dislo dislodge them but brett you stopped half way. they have a nexus of intelligence sharing with iraq, iran and syria, and they're cutting deals with turkey and making alliances with israel in order to operate in the region. i thought we were operating in the region. >> nothing says that russia and vladimir putin is now the center of the geopolitical universe in the middle east like benjamin netanyahu choosing first to travel to moscow to meet with putin before coming to the u.s. to meet with president obama. so this meeting will be interesting today, but understand that putin has a lot
5:04 am
of hand. he has a lot of chips. >> he is winning. he is winning to quote charlie sheen. >> yes, hashtag. >> ambassador sheen. let's move to #speaker. john boehner, you know, floored everybody by announcing on friday seemingly out of nowhere he was going to call it quits. he's had enough of that particular job but he promised there would not be a government shutdown over planned parenthood and he was on one of the chat shows yesterday taking time at some members of his own members of his own party whom he referred to as false prophets. listen to this. >> the bible says beware of false prophets, and there are people out there, you know, spreading noise about how much can get done. i mean this whole idea we're going to shut down the government to get rid of obamacare in 2013, it plain never had a chance.
5:05 am
my republican colleagues knew it was a fool's errand, they were getting pressure from home to do this. we have groups here in tune, members of the house and senate here in town who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen. >> so what he's doing there is referring to false prophets as people who promise things they can't deliver. that just sounds like a lot of politicians, doesn't it? >> it sure does. look back to the race in the midterms in 2014, how many people seeking re-election said something about obamacare, said something about what they're going to get done after getting in office, and after being handed the house and the senate in big numbers, i think there is this anger out there that they don't feel like they got their money's worth as far as that vote. and the speaker on the other hand is right, in that with the president that is of the other party there are limitations, but i think there is this sense that
5:06 am
more could be done if not symbolically to push up against or push back against some of the policies. >> sure. on one hand you have jeb bush saying he would be greatly missed and he has great admiration for him. on the other hand dr. ben carson says it might be time to move on. who is on the short list to replace boehner? >> well, kevin mccarthy the house majority leader has, it looks like the votes to do it, but there will be a conservative pushback, whether it's big enough and whether it has to go to another ballot, and whether there's enough of a challenge is really the question. we're going to have house majority leader on "special report" tonight and ask him a host of questions about the way forward and about whether he can pull off this win. >> and what about, is it going to be a real battle for majority leader? >> i think so. there's a lot of names out there. i think you're going to also see this want and need to express some of the anger out there across the country, and so somebody that fits that bill is going to fit in some leadership capacity, whether it's majority
5:07 am
leader or another position. >> of course, things would be a lot easier for any speaker if the president of the united states was from his party, looking forward to 201 right now, the race in the republican side, donald trump and ben carson now in a statistical dead heat. jeb, however, has said in the last day or so that the numbers really don't matter. he also said that he probably should be a better candidate. i think we've got the numbers, we're going to put them up, if the republican primary were held today, trump and carson double essentially carly fiorina and marco rubio and almost triple jeb bush and john kasich. >> rubio and fiorina are surging, too. what is your take? >> i think jeb bush has an issue with donors, he has got an issue with enthusiasm, that's why he's spending $4.5 million in new hampshire the campaign that goes on top of what the superpack put out there, about $25 million
5:08 am
pledged in early state ads. whether that can turn it around we'll see but something has to change. he has slipped in the polls and hasn't gained. you're right that trump and carson still dominate the day. carson picking up but donald trump has been criticized for not putting any details on policy out there, and obviously today he comes out with his tax plan, so we'll see how that goes over with voters. >> all right, we are going to be watching today, just about ten hours from right now, right here on this channel. thank you very much, brett, for a loving recap of the day in politics. >> great interview with jeb bush friday, thanks. heather, how are you, friend? >> hi there, elisabeth. hope you had a great weekend, good to see you as well. eddie montgomery, country star, making a heartbreaking announcement, requests my son went to heaven today." his 19-year-old son died after an accident in kentucky. the family not revealing exactly what happened at this point. his father is half of the
5:09 am
country duo montgomery andee. he broke the news on facebook saying in part "i appreciate all your prayers and love and thanks for giving us privacy as we grieve." hunter was engaged to be married and had a newborn son. a curtain crashes down at one of carly fiorina's events. take a look at that, screams coming from the crowd in texas as the entire curtain, rod and all came down, narrowly missed the candidate. no one amazingly though was hurt. and mystery solved, nasa planning to announce a major scientific finding about mars today. the space agency not offering any hints just yet. so a lot of scientists are talking about what on earth this announcement will be, life on mars? not expected to be the subject. but it could be water on mars. that's what some are speculating at least. we'll watch the story as it develops. pope francis back at the
5:10 am
vatican following his his toerk thre historic three-city visit to the united states. everyone is talking about 14-year-old bobby hill. ♪ what a voice right there. hill and his choir director joined us earlier in their first national television interview. watch. >> there happened to be a set change that they needed a spot filled. >> okay. >> to my choir director here recommended me. >> when the producers came to us and said we need 60 seconds filled, what can the choir do? i said i got something that i got a choir of one. they looked at me and said, i said trust me, it's going to be a wonderful moment. >> and what a moment it was. hill says it is the first time that he ever sang acapella, and those are your headlines. >> unbelievable and he's been known to quiet crying babies with that voice. >> the voice of an angel.
5:11 am
thanks very much. >> thank you. you are looking live at the united nations on the east side of manhattan, where the president and the leader of russia will, mr. putin will arrive shortly but the world wants to know this about president obama -- >> do you think his activities in foreign affairs reflect a we weakness? >> ooh, boy, great question. we'll pose that to josh earnest, the president's spokesperson, he's live with us next, good morning, josh. >> good morning to you. and jogger comes away from being crushed by a car. you'll want to see this one again, watch.
5:12 am
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add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, bone health support with calcium and vitamin d. ...and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins. today president obama will sit down for a rare one on one with vladimir putin. these two had a history of painfully awkward meetings. look at the photo-ops where he usually smiles. what does putin really think of our president? listen. >> do you think his activities in foreign affairs reflect a weakness? >> translator: i don't think so at all. >> do you think he listens to you? >> translator: well, i think we listen to each other in a way, especially when it comes to something that doesn't go counter to our own ideas about
5:16 am
what we should and should not do. >> do you think he considers russia, you said you're not a superpower, he considers russia an equal and considers you an equal? >> translator: well you ask him. he's your president. >> joining us now, white house press secretary josh earnest, with a smile and a laugh with that line. >> he got that part right, didn't he? >> what's to come of this meeting today. vladimir putin also said he supports a legitimate government of syria. you take out the head of that, we're in for chaos when it comes to terrorists namely isis now. so what's going to come of this meeting? >> i would start by observing that i think there's already chaos in syria, that's part of the problem. we've seen the failed political leadership of bashar al assad considered to a situation extremist organizations like isil and others who wish ill to the united states have gained a foothold. >> one of the problems with syria, things started to get bad
5:17 am
a couple years ago your boss drew that red line said you cross that when it comes to chemical weapons and stuff like that, we're going to do something. they crossed that line and we never adid anything. >> we worked with russia to get syria and bashar al is aa sad to declare their chemical weapons stockpile and removed from the country. that was our biggest concern if that chemical weapons stockpile had fallen into the hands of terrorists or other people they could have used it. >> 250,000 people. >> i said it was in chaos. >> 5 million people in a refugee situation trying to flee for their own lives in safety, 250,000 in the grave. this is not a good situation here. this conversation isn't going to go well today. >> i don't want to pre-judge the conversation. russia for years treated syria as essentially a client state. they had military presence for soom time, used that to prop up assad and the concern they have
5:18 am
now is the territory where they have their military is becoming more isolated. assad is further losing his grip on power and so the reaction we're seeing from the russians now is actually responding from weakness. they're concerned about the investment there, they're concerned about losing influence in the government. that's what they're trying to prop up. >> josh, why is the official line everyone is surprised about their intentions. i want to know about their intentions when the experts said they want to get hold of the middle east for the first time since the 1970s. they announced in the "wall street journal" reports they formed a coalition with iran, syria, of course, and iraq in sharing intelligence in the area. that used to be our gig. now we've seemed to have given that weight to them. don't you agree? >> their gig is to try to form an alliance with four other countries in the region to share intelligence. the united states and the leadership of president obama assembled a 62-member nation coalition. >> you have to be disappointed with the results. general allen resigned there was
5:19 am
no replacement. >> we had important progress against isil. 30% of the territory they used to control inside of iraq they no longer can operate freely. 17,000 kilometers we've driven isil out of northeastern syria because we supported syrian turks and arabs that we can coordinate with and back and supported with military air strikes. we've made important progress. there's no denying it say terrible situation there and elisabeth, you talked about the terrible humanitarian situation, we're talking about millions of syrians fled their homes frying to escape violence. it's gut-wrenching. >> it is. >> the person responsible is ba march al is a. his failure as a leader allowed isil and other organizations to try to move inside of syria and this president tried to lead the international community to apply significant pressure to isil. we have significant pressure the number two of isil got killed about a month ago, the french
5:20 am
national who was plotting against western interests. >> they doubled their forces. >> i want to switch xweerz for a moment while we have you here. it's a treat to have you on our curvy couch. hillary clinton dealing with her e-mail scandal right now. can she continue to blame republicans really for this? it's the obama administration on friday found a bunch of e-mails she hadn't revealed. this is not about the republicans, is it? >> well, look, my friends on the clinton campaign are dealing with a tough story and i think what they have done is tried to do the right thing, i think she has been straightforward about acknowledging she did not make a good decision early on, she acknowledged that was a mistake and they have taken the step of basically suggesting that all those e-mails that are related to our government service should be made public and the state department is working on the process, for like 55,000 pages of material and that's the right step. look there's no denying this say tough story but they're doing their best. >> we appreciate you coming in and asking the tough questions. >> thanks for having me, guys, nice to see new person. >> hope to see you again on the couch.
5:21 am
have a nice day at the u.n. come up one of the most popular crime shows is off the air, and many real life investigators are happy it's gone and you might be, too, we're talking about "csi." oh! that's a lot of kale. qualifying customers may receive $750 toward a new audi q5
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5:24 am
welcome back. some quick headlines for you now. the "caught on camera" edition a terrifying brush with death. jo jogger avoids going into an alleyway. runner there escaping at the very last second just as the suv skids onto its side and slams into a building. and a woman is rescued from a water drainage canal after being trapped for at least a day. firefighters in california cutting the pipes to free the woman who wandered into the canal through a different access point about a mile away.
5:25 am
oh, my. elizabeth tonight one of the most successful series on television will come to an end, after 15 seasons. "csi" is signing off but for crime scene investigators, real ones across the country that's a good thing, they claim the tv show has twisted our jury system beyond a reasonable doubt. erin murphy is the author of "inside the cell: the dark side of forensic side" and joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the great thing about "csi" is alerted us to the teams behind the scenes looking for clues. the bad thing is, now people at home think that the local cops can do these things, that not necessarily really can happen. >> i think that's exactly right. there are around 411 crime labs across our country and most people watching "csi" think they're state-of-the-art buildings and high-tech machines everywhere and the reality is
5:26 am
it's more often just a couple rooms in a large municipal building that's not kited out with the state-of-the-art tech nothi noology. >> people watch "csi" on a jury and they assume people did this before they came to court. >> the prosecutor's "csi" juries are given overwhelming non-scientific evidence, where is the dna? where is the fingerprints? and the defendant's "csi" even when you introduce some of the forensic evidence in court the juries believe it blibdly, they don't ask is this reliable, is this a reliable method used. both are in play. i would say we have such a small percentage of jury trials there's often a behind-the-scenes "csi" prosecutors getting a case i can't prove it, even though there's three eyewitnesses and a videotape i don't have forensic
5:27 am
evidence so i'm not going to bring the case. >> attorneys on both sides going well, okay, let's look at the evidence. why didn't they do a dna test or something that was not germane to this case. >> there are all sorts of instances an investigation unfolds. there was no forensic evidence available or perhaps there was forensic evidence but we haven't sunk resources in to staffing up labs, staffing lab personnel so that we have people who can go out to the crime scenes. most people think every offense, steal a bicycle they're out there swabbing for dna. the reality is really only homicide is routinely canvassed for forensic evidence and routinely processed for forensic evidence. >> are you happy it's going away? >> it's hard to say. i think there was a benefit to the show, educated people about the power of forensic science what it could be and you would hope there would have been positive ramifications in the
5:28 am
form of better resource force forensics. >> it will live on in reruns for many, many years. >> that is definitely the case. >> professor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> great perspective. coming this up monday, life-saving drugs being thrown away, even burned at a va hospital. the whistleblower who took the pictures has been fired, and he is now speaking out. you'll hear from him next. and the mainstream media still waging war against dr. ben carson for not wanting to vote for a muslim for president. >> and you said "no, i do not." >> what i said is on a transcript, and it's there for anybody. >> i'm reading the transcript, dr. carson, that's exactly what you said. >> but she didn't start it in the right place. wait until you hear the whole exchange. isn't it time to move on? we're going to report and you'll decide, live from new york city, coming up next. ♪ so rock me mama like a wagon wheel ♪ ♪ rocky mama any way you feel, hey, mama rock me ♪
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new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. you are looking live inside the united nations world headquarters over on the east side of manhattan. world leaders are arriving today, 193 in all, we understand the president of the united states, i think later today is going to be meeting with raul castro. meanwhile vladimir putin will return to the united states for the first time in ten years. we will have bilateral talks between russia and the united states of america. this was at russia's request. they're trying to get into our good graces after of course they have screwed everything up over in ukraine. >> we need this meeting more than they do, though, in the big picture pause we seem to be losing influence. i'd like to add, too, that vladimir putin is trying to prove to his own people he's not stuck in his own country and isolated from the world because
5:33 am
he's been locked out of the g-7, the g-8. >> that was payback from us. >> for reaction we bring in special guest, rick perry, former governor of texas and former presidential candidate for president for 2016. we had josh earnest, white house press secretary, join us here on the cushy couch and interestingly enough, he had this to say about the meeting between putin and obama. he said "this is russia actually operating from a place of weakness." i'd love your reaction after this sound. watch. >> russia, for years, has treated syria as essentially a client state. they had a military presence there for quite some time, used to that prop up isassad and the territory where they have the military is becoming more isolated, assad is further losing his grip on power, and so the reaction that we're seeing from the russians now is actually responding from weakness. they're concerned about the investment there, they're concerned about losing influence in the government. that's what they're trying to
5:34 am
prop up. >> so russia is operating from weakness. do you agree with that statement in. >> i think he lives in an alternative universe. here is the real story that should be talked about, if this administration had the opportunity to make a real difference in syria early on by supplying the rebels with weapons. two things i will suggest to you would have occurred there, not only could we have stopped isis early on in the process but we could have overthrown assad. the weakness that is being exhibited has been by the united states and this president, and his spokesperson, they can spin it as much as they'd like, but the reality is that mr. putin is thumping his chest and he is pushing forward his agenda in the middle east and i will suggest to you worldwide. >> he's spreading his influence now. i want to bring you to something you're familiar, the polls on the gop side. the numbers are high, still for donald trump, he's almost in a
5:35 am
flat-footed tie with ben carson, surging are rubio and fiorina. bush on the negative side but he says he hasn't even started advertising yet and kasich hanging in there at 6%. what is your take of these numbers? >> well, it's a snapshot in time as we look back at '08 and '12, we saw individuals who were leading in the polls who at the end of the day weren't there. so you know, they are polls. they're what's happening right now. i think it is very interesting that you have individuals who have no experience in governing. i think that's reflective of people really being upset with washington, d.c., and i totally get that. lot of us governors have been pushing back on washington for some time but the polls are what they are. they'll move back and forth and you'll see movement in those and the american people will start paying attention, start listening to the plans of how to cut the spending in washington, d.c., and get the tax burden off
5:36 am
the business creators and let regular americans keep more of what they work for. >> absolutely. that's the idea. governor, we want to play an exchange between ben carson, who is on one of the chat shows yesterday with martha raddatz over at abc, and this looks to us like a prime example of media bias. he was asked a hypothetical question last week about would he support a muslim for president, even though there aren't any rubbinning and he sa he would not because if you believe in sharia law if that's in your heart that flies in the face of the u.s. constitution. she was at him yesterday but he wouldn't let her go and he called her on something. listen to this. >> yes. >> and you said "no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that." do you stand by that now? >> well first of all, you know, what i said is on a transcript, and it's there for anybody to
5:37 am
see. >> i'm reading the transcript, dr. carson, that's exactly what you said. >> read the paragraph before that, where i said anybody, it doesn't matter what their religious background, if they accept american values and principles and are willing to subjugate their religious beliefs to our constitution, i have no problem with them. why do you guys always leave that part out, i wonder? >> i don't think we do, dr. carson. >> you did. >> but she did. >> kind of looks like media bias. you hardly ever see a democrat getting questioned like that, governor perry. >> well, you expect them to ask the question the next time of one of the presidential candidates, would you vote for an alien? it's getting that far outside the bounds of reality, when you have some of the people in the media who are so focused on gotcha questions so to speak and we have real challenges in this country. how do we get americans back to
5:38 am
work? how do we get this economy back on track? you've got a president of the united states that is about to flood the world with eiranian oil, continuing to put downward pressure on the united states oil and gas industry. the president ought to be looking putin in the eye today and saying, mr. president, we are going to flood europe with american oil and gas, just get ready for it. but he won't. this is incredibly disturbing to an american, who cares about the security of this country, and we have seen this man not only proliferation of weapons that are going to be of mass destruction by the iranian deal, but also doing massive damage to the oil and gas industry in america. >> sure. that's an angle we hadn't really touched on. you'd know because you come from the oil patch down in texas. former governor of the great state of texas rick perry, thank you for joining us. >> yes, sir.
5:39 am
>> good morning, 38 minutes after the hour. student is dead this morning in the wake of last week's duck boat crash in washington state. four others were killed after the boat suddenly lost control on a bridge and crashed into a tour bus. over the weekend federal investigators say the duck boat did not have a recommended axle repair, that was supposed to take place two years ago. life-saving drugs being thrown away and even burned at a va hospital in virginia and the whistleblower who took the pictures gets fired. pharmacist andrew carmichael claims he was let go after he exposed these horrible conditions in the pharmacy's iv room and elsewhere. believe it or not he says he wants his job back. >> i have a lot of veterans in my family and my wife's family, and it's important to me, i've always wanted to take better care of veterans for this reason and i can't think of serving a better population than the people that you know, serve us.
5:40 am
>> carmichael says that senator tim caine of virginia asked him to be reinstated but the director of the facility denied him. a hiry teacher of more than 40 years is now on leave for saying the "n" word in class. lynn pierce claims it was innocent, used to make a point about the washington redskins, and the name of the team. here's what happened, a student asked what's the big deal over the team's name and she said, "what would you think if someone started a team called the newport news -- "ngs n-word. 1,500 people signed a petition to bring back pierce. a whale swam next to a paddle boarder off the coast of australia, caught on camera by the drone. the whales peek their head about ever it swims off.
5:41 am
the man said it was peaceful and not scary. >> did he know they were under there? >> i guess so. actually looked peaceful from way up here. thanks. coming up, her parents worked extra shiflts to buy her a bike for her birthday. one day later it was stolen, but wait until you ear what a police officer did next. it's beyond awesome. should is this for a tax plan? >> a zero rate and that's something i haven't told anybody. >> you're talking about -- >> we're talking about people in the low income brackets. >> can donald trump really do that? only one man knows, his name is stuart vaney and guess what? we've booked him. ♪ of thinking you're the girl i need ♪ ♪ i'm just saying it's fine by me ♪
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making medical news today a break-through genetic test could mean some breast cancer patients may be able to skip chemotherapy all together. the test determines which women
5:45 am
could be treated with who are monday blocking drugs only. the study says adding chemo in those cases could cause harmful side effects. and a daily dose of aspirin could double the life expectancy of some cancer patients. new study of 14,000 people with gastrointestinal cancer shows those who took aspirin regularly were twice as likely to be alive in four years. incredible. fox news will alert now. donald trump finally will be introducing his tax plan. >> a large segment the of our country will have a zero rate, and that's something i haven't told anybody. >> the tax cut for the middle class is going to be what? >> it will be significant. >> yes, but what? >> i can't tell you. >> why can't you tell me? >> because i just don't want to now. >> what does that mean for everyday americans? i think we're everyday americans every day. how would it impact you? stuart varney, what do we
5:46 am
expect? >> we peaced together what he said so far in broad general terms. item one, tax the rich, specifically hedge fund managers. item two, a zero rate for the poor, in other words poor people don't pay any federal income tax. the problem is they don't pay any income tax at the moment because they earn so little. is he referring to no more social security tax paid by poor people? we don't know, we'll find out. item three for the middle class he's talking about substantial cuts. what does that mean? lower tax rates for middle america? i don't know. we'll find out at 11:00. if you put it all together there's a populist ring to this. >> sure. >> something for everyone. tax the rich, that's popular, no taxes for the poor, substantial cuts for the middle class. >> he also said last night on "60 minutes" some people getting unfair deductions will see their taxes go up. we'll find that at 11:00 what that means and he also said under his tax plan, they will take in the same or even more money and help grow the economy.
5:47 am
>> that's difficult to do. do you, can you grow the economy when you raise more money from the people in taxes? can you do that? the answer from most economists will be no, you probably can't do that. you need to lower individual tax rates and corporate tax rates to get real economic growth in the country. >> that will help keep businesses here, he wants to rip off nafta because he says there's so much -- >> when we get the details, the question is will the plan grow the economy 4% or 5%. we'll mention it significantly. >> we'll know all about it tomorrow at the same time and try to figure it out. >> you got it. >> stuart, thanks for come to work today. coming up straight ahead, this girl's parents worked extra shifts just to buy a bike for her birthday and one day later, stolen. what one police officer did next will have you smiling all day. but first let's check in with bill hemmer, who made a lot of overtime over the weekend. >> good morning, great weekend down in philadelphia. >> great job.
5:48 am
>> really cool, thank you very much. appreciate it. great team, too. new polling numbers as the race shifting yet again? we'll tell you about that. is hillary clinton sifting her story on the server again? big morning for the u.s. and russia, putin owe ba what, what's up with that. senator rapid paul is here, so, too is john mccain. big morning in news as we start a brand new week here on "america's newsroom." see you in ten minutes. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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5:51 am
she didn't ask for much, 8-year-old serenity wants a little pink bike for her birthday. even though money was tight mom and dad pulled it off. the next day the bike went missing, stolen by a group of
5:52 am
bullies in her neighborhood. her parents called the cops. little did they know what would happen next. joining me now, 8-year-old serenity ricketts to share the rest of the story. good morning towel,er is rehn i serenity. >> good morning. >> all you wanted was a bike for your birthday and you had it one day and some bullies took it from you. how sad were you when your bike was stolen? >> very sad. >> and this is all you wanted, so your mom and dad find out and they worked so hard, extra hard to give this to you, right? you came home from school, the bike was there and how long did you have it before it was stolen? >> hmm. >> about a day or so? >> yes. >> not long enough, right, so you were upset, your parents actually talked to officer jared, who comes to the house and there's a picture of the bike, and what happens with officer jared? what did he decide to do for you? >> buy me a bike. >> bought you a bike?
5:53 am
>> yes. >> so you see him coming out of his police car and when you saw him with that bike, what did you do, serynity? >> i went to the road and hugged him. >> you hugged im, of course. what did it mean to you that he actually went out and got you a new bike again? >> good. >> yes. you know what, serynity we have a special treat and want everyone at home to stick around. because it was your birth day and you deserved that bike and officer jared took the extra steps to give it to you, we'll have him join us after the break and meet that officer who made your day. does that sound like a good idea, my friend? >> okay. >> okay. we're going to go with that, we'll be right back. hi, i'm matt mccoy.
5:54 am
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you've got to consider it. you've got to consider it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ we are back with 8-year-old seryinity ricketts is enthe officer who brought her another
5:57 am
bike. officer jarrett, when you found out that her bike has been stolen, she had it a day after her parents worked overtime to buy it for her for her birthday, what moved you to go out and buy her a new bike? >> i think talking to her father, back to the scene where it was stolen at, he had already found parts of the bike. being a tad myself i knew how hard that must be for him, he saved up the money for that bike and it was stolen. without trying to offend him, i asked him if he had the means to replace it. no, he started crying which obviously made me start crying. i asked if he had any pictures of it, give me a better description, he showed me some pictures on his own, how. pi serynity was, her smiling on the bike. i told him i was just going to get it and replace it and he's like, really, really, are you kidding me? i'm like no i'm not kidding. i was trying to get the bike
5:58 am
back before she returned home. >> incredible. did he do an okay job with the bike replacement? was it a good bike? >> yes. >> and now that you have him right next to you, what do you say to him for bringing you that bike? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i mean you're looking at the a good dad right there, on top of a great officer who works to serve and protect right there. you've got three boys and one girl, did i get that right, officer? >> yes. >> what's your message for any of the bullies who want to take a sweet girl's bike? >> just don't do it. if not, we'll find you and if not we'll try to replace the bike. >> you know what? it's a great message. serynity we're so thankful gyou got your birthday bike back and officer jarrett thank you for the work do you. we call it i don't know the badge, we'll hashtag that.
5:59 am
serynity, happy birth day. >> thank you. >> enjoy your bike and our best to your family. officer jarrett thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> what a great story. >> in eighth grade my bike was stolen i saved for, my confirmation money and everything, never got it back. >> no police officer came to help you? >> i just walked the rest of my life. >> oh. >> when i was about that age, one of our neighbors borrowed my bike and then got hit by a car. >> on the bike? >> yes. he was fine but -- >> the bike is ruined. >> i got a new bike. >> you got a new bike fantastic. he was insured. >> we have bike stories all around. if you have one when you were 8 send it to us. >> my bike was red. speaking of red, brian, did you catch a glimpse of the supermoon last night? we asked for some of your pictures. here's vanessa, check out the stunning color, it's red like that bike. kevin sent this one from janesville, in wisconsin. >> a clear night in framing ham,
6:00 am
massachusetts, connie's video. >> who sent this one in, my daughter. it was far away but i said make it far away and she rushed off to school. >> she followed daddy's instructions. >> thanks for joining us. see you back here tomorrow everybody. >> be yourself. bill: president obama, vladimir putin set to meet as the russian president continues to talk to the united states as we wake up to a new deal cut with some folks that will surprise you. heather: the two leaders are set to face off after facing the united nations general assembly. the move reportedly taking the obama administration completely by surprise.


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